Orthodox Jews vs Zionists

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The Rothchilds bought Rueters? Wow. And Reuters bought the Associated Press? Wonder if that is true.



The g-word has a new patent.

Y’all ready for this?
“(EN)Functionalized particles in the blood are able to selectively bind to targets in the blood that have adverse health effects. The binding of the particles to the targets allows the targets to be selectively modified or destroyed by energy from outside the body such that the adverse health effects are reduced or eliminated. The energy is generated by a wearable device which is able to direct the energy into the subsurface vasculature of the wearer of the wearable device. Further, one or more of the functionalized particles may be magnetic, allowing a magnetic field generated by the wearable device and directed into the subsurface vasculature to concentrate the bound targets in a lumen of the subsurface vasculature proximate to the wearable device.”

Science Spy agencies could be funding geo-engineering research in pursuit of weaponising the weather, scientists claims A leading climate scientist said calls purportedly from the CIA left him ‘scared’ about the consequences Loulla-Mae Elefheriou-Smith Sunday 15 February 2015 17:38 GMT

A senior American climate scientist has spoken of the fear he experienced when US intelligence services apparently asked him about the possibility of weaponising the weather as a major report on geo-engineering is to be published this week.

Professor Alan Robock stated that three years ago, two men claiming to be from the CIA had called him to ask whether experts would be able to tell if hostile forces had begun manipulating the US’s weather, though he suspected the purpose of the call was to find out if American forces could meddle with other countries’ climates instead.

During a debate on the use of geo-engineering to combat climate change, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Jose, California, Prof Robock said: “I got a phone call from two men who said we work as consultants for the CIA and we’d like to know if some other country was controlling our climate, would we know about it?

”I told them, after thinking a little bit, that we probably would because if you put enough material in the atmosphere to reflect sunlight we would be able to detect it and see the equipment that was putting it up there.

“At the same time I thought they were probably also interested in if we could control somebody else’s climate, could they detect it?”

Professor Robock, who has investigated the potential risks and benefits of using stratospheric particles to simulate the climate-changing effects of volcanic eruptions, said he felt “scared” when the approach was made.

“I’d learned of lots of other things the CIA had done that haven’t followed the rules and I thought that wasn’t how I wanted my tax money spent. I think this research has to be in the open and international so there isn’t any question of it being used for hostile purposes.“

Forms of geo-engineering could be used to offset the effects of global warming, using methods including scattering sulphur particles in the upper atmosphere to re-direct sunlight back into space; seeding the oceans with iron to encourage the spread of carbon-hungry algae; and creating reflective areas on the Earth’s surface.

The long-term effects of such strategies are largely unknown however, and many experts have expressed fears that these techniques would carry a great risk.

Professor Robock’s concerns come as a major report on geo-engineering is to be published this week by the US National Academy of Sciences. Among the report’s list of sponsors is the “US intelligence community”, which includes Nasa, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Department of Energy.

The professor alleges that the CIA told a colleague of his that it wanted to fund the report, but claimed  that it did not want this fact to be too obvious – he added that the CIA is “a major funder” of the report which “makes me really worried about who is going to be in control”.

He claimed the US government had a proven history of using the weather in a hostile way, citing the action of seeding clouds during the Vietnam War to muddy the Ho Chi Minh foot-trail and attempt to cut it off, as it was used as a supply route but the north Vietnamese.

He claimed the CIA had also seeded clouds over Cuba “to make it rain and ruin the sugar harvest”.

The CIA was not available for comment at the time of publishing.

Malaysia Plans War on Smog With Russian-Made Cyclones

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia’s war on smog is about to get a new twist. A big one.

The government wants to create man-made cyclones to scrub away the haze that has plagued Malaysia off and on since July. “We will use special technology to create an artificial cyclone to clean the air,” said Datuk Law Hieng Ding, Minister for Science, Technology and the Environment.

The plan calls for the use of new Russian technology to create cyclones — the giant storms also known variously as typhoons and hurricanes — to cause torrential rains, washing the smoke out of the air. The Malaysian cabinet and the finance ministry have approved the plan, Datuk Law said.

This latest strategy follows other unsuccessful attempts to banish the gray haze that has beset Malaysia and its neighbors for months. Previous Malaysian efforts included spraying water from the tops of tall buildings in Kuala Lumpur, and “cloud-seeding” — in which airplanes sprinkle clouds with a salt solution with an aim to inducing rain. Malaysia also has sent teams of firemen to Indonesia to help fight the forest fires responsible for the condition.

The smog has been exacerbated by the El Nino weather effect, which has delayed usually heavy seasonal rains. In late September, air quality deteriorated to the point that a weeklong emergency was declared in Sarawak state. Children and asthmatics were hospitalized with breathing difficulties, and people were forced to walk the streets wearing surgical masks, handkerchiefs and even brassiere cups to cover their nose and mouth.

The haze lifted somewhat last week, but experts have warned that a change in wind direction might bring it back. Malaysia also is worried that a recurrence next year might jeopardize the high-profile Commonwealth Games to be held in the capital in September. During severe bouts of haze, doctors warn people not to exercise outdoors.

Speaking after meeting with a Russian delegation, Datuk Law told reporters that a Malaysian company, BioCure Sdn. Bhd., will sign a memorandum of understanding soon with the Russian party, which he described as government-owned. A demonstration would follow. Malaysia need pay only if the test is successful, Datuk Law added.

The minister was coy about the specifics of the plan, declining to reveal the size of the cyclone to be generated, or the mechanism. “The details I don’t have,” he said. He did say though, that the cyclone generated would be “quite strong.” He discounted the possibility of damage to the environment.

Datuk Law also refused to disclose the price tag for cyclone creation. However, since Malaysia will pay only if it works, he shrugged off worries of failure. “There’s no harm,” he said, “since it doesn’t cost us anything.”

Indeed, Datuk Law said the price for the cyclone technology should compare favorably with cloud-seeding. Malaysia has conducted more than 250 cloud-seeding flights since early September, using a fleet of eight planes. Cyclones should work out to be cheaper, Datuk Law said, “considering the size and the volume that can be cleared.”