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Helen Keller was deaf, dumb, blind. She was a Theosophist. Helen Blavatsky created Theosophy which was a Satanic cult. Derek Prince is a deliverance minister expelling demons from thousands of people. He noticed that some areas were infested with demons cause deafness, dumbness and blindness. He makes some statements about his opinions regarding deaf, dumb and blind.

This led me to remember that in the MK Ultra experiments they used sensory deprivation, pain, trauma and LSD to program children. Some say these are satanic ritual magic to attach demons to the subject after provoking dissociative identity disorder.

The methods are outlined for the record and are available from many sources. There are recorded testimonies from survivors and an apology from Pres. Bill Clinton for the radiation experiments numbering the in the thousands.

Weaponized Qabala Mind Control Lynn Schirmer, Sensory Deprivation Tank & other MC Machines

Meditation is a way to send your awareness out of the realm of visible light. You concentrate on detachment, in essence when you succeed at this you make yourself deaf, dumb and blind on purpose for as long as you can maintain that state. It is a dissociative state or a suggestive state. Is it considered self-hypnosis? This is the state we use to astral travel? Is this the state in which we can come into communication with persons without bodies? Is this easier to do on entheogens or other drugs? Is it something we do on our drive to work in the morning or our drives home afterwards. When you get home and can’t recall the drive. Everyone has experienced the self-hypnosis of dissociating from that which causes us trauma.

Exploring the concept of Avatar.


What are demons? Demon’s are from the Greek diamonion. Unclean spirit, evil spirit. Persons without bodies. These are not Satan himself. These are not angels. Angels live in the heavenlies. Evil spirits inhabit the earth. Walk these places seeking rest. Angels do not inhabit human bodies. Demons want to be in human bodies. Or at the very least and animal bodies. A demon must have a mind to act through. These were thought by the ancients to be partly human and partly divine. From some say they were the offspring of the fallen when they chose human wives.

How to Recognize and Expel Demons-Derek Prince