“sometimes you follow your heart, sometimes your heart cuts a fart!”

and dead silence on methane. what if the CO2 stuff is BULLSHIT? just what if? consider the possibility. consider the redistribution of wealth by the carbon tax. what if breathing costs money? what if everything that was meant to be free costs money? they already make you pay for everything else except breathing. what if the commodification of every speck of life on earth is the eventual goal?

what if destroying the grasslands and the forests to raise corn, wheat and soy is ruining the environment? what if vegetarianism does not equal environmentalism. what if it actually equals total biocide by killing eco-systems and destroying top soil? and what if it also makes you sick and nutritionally depleted, hormonally challenged and increases your repair deficit? what if it is actually the reliance on industrial farming which has allowed populations to spiral out of control and allowed the elite grain cartels like Lewis-Dreyfus etc to enslave people by keeping food under lock and key.

What if nothing they tell you is true? What if you could think for yourself? what if you entered into government schools before you can even wipe your own butt or tie your own shoes and they co-opted your brain and you can’t have an independent thought without worrying about someone saying you are wrong or stupid and you need all of your thoughts to be validated by an authority figure and what if you are willing to fight your brothers instead of your masters because you don’t even know they exist.? what if there is a God? What if Satan Exists? What if the earth is not a globe? What if we have exchanged one type of faith for another.

“fuck you jack, I got bills to pay. that’s the cosmic shame.”